Workshops & Classes

On-Site MS Office Workshops  (Any Version) – All sessions can be customized to “skill specific” trainings.  Workshops can be designed for a 2 to 6-hour class.

ABCs of Technology and Office –  Are you new to Microsoft Office
(any version)? Learn the basics in this workshop while developing your computer skills. The class is customized to the workplace environment and individual needs of the group.

Excel or Google Sheets 1 – Discover how to design and manage a spreadsheet. This course teaches basic spreadsheet skills and much more. Find shortcuts to improve your productivity while selecting and entering data, formatting and modifying worksheets. Eliminate the mysteries of performing calculations, functions, developing and printing workbooks and customizing layouts.

Excel or Google Sheets 2 Bring yourself up-to-speed with advanced Excel skills – linking workbooks, managing large worksheets, using filters, creating Pivot Tables, using Logical (IF) Statements and the VLookup.

PowerPoint or Google Slides 1 – In this class you develop your ability to use PowerPoint. Learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch, add slides, format text, insert objects and graphics, apply themes, and run the presentation.

PowerPoint or Google Slides 2 – Become a power-user! Increase your productivity by using the Master slide, control shapes, create a watermark, add hyperlinks, manage charts, and adjust slide transition.

File Management & More Learn the basics of file management, folders, and all those computer terms and things everyone expects you to know.

Word 1 or Google Docs – Take control of Microsoft Word and improve your skills of creating and editing a document, formatting text and paragraphs, proofing document, and adding tables and graphic elements, including pictures.

Word 2 Working with Word is exciting when you are in the driver’s seat. Learn to manage lists, create custom tables and charts, customize formatting and graphics, create templates and manage the mail merge.

MS Publisher Microsoft Publisher is an easy-to-use program that produces stunning, professional publications (newsletters, flyers, brochures, etc.). Brush-up on the working with basic publications and learn the newest features.

MS Outlook Improve your daily time management skills by increasing your productivity with Outlook. Learn to manage your contacts, create distribution lists, organize and find information, use the calendar, schedule meetings, and manage tasks.

MS Office Conversion If you migrated from an earlier version of Office to the new – this course is for you. Understand the new look and find out where Microsoft hid the tools and features that you use. The class provides a detailed look of the ribbons for the user with a quick overview of MS Office Excel and Word.

Database with Access – Classes are available in Access Level 1 and 2.